Application Security Management

To address application security challenges effectively, organizations need to test the software and applications across their entire portfolio. Organizations look out for security testing services and solutions that could help them mitigate risk and maximize security in a way that ensures business continuity, maintains budgets, and achieves operational efficiency.

ASM or Application security management services is an aggregation of security testing services and solutions from Accutech that help you test and manage your web application security comprehensively and holistically. With security governance and validation services across the lifecycle of application, we ensure that security issues are found and managed as early into lifecycle as possible.

Our suite of Application Security Management & Testing Services include

  • Architectural analysis and code review
  • Holistic Web Application Security Tests
  • Network Security Assessment
  • On-Demand Security Assessment with CSAC
  • Managed Security Governance Center

Why Us

  • We have our own proven methodology for holistic VAPT of web applications, that we call Holisec. It gives 360 degree coverage of security on your web applications, thus minimizing the risk of any attempt of hacking by the black-hats.
  • We have a team of specialized security experts, technology experts and database experts who are CEH, CISA and CISSP certified professionals and have extensive experience in information and data security. With their specialized skills, the team guides you in setting up On-Demand VAPT platform or Center for Security Governance to comply with your Security testing services policies and Standards.
  • We have our own On-Demand VAPT Platform that we call CSAC, through which you get the most Reliable and affordable solution to perform on-demand VAPT on your web applications. You can easily budget security testing throughout your SDLC as you do not have to invest into expensive commercial tools or hire security experts to perform VAPT.
  • Global Presence providing Security Testing Services in India (Noida, Bangalore and Gurgaon), USA and Australia



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