MIRS (Manual Image Review System)

Manual image reviews in an otherwise automated electronic toll collection (ETC) system may seem to represent an irreducible drain on profitability—an inevitable part of using any ETC solution that incorporates automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) technology.

Despite the improvements in automation for toll transaction image capture and review, manual image review remains an important part of the revenue assurance program for every tolling agency. Each agency has its own unique mix of in-state and out-of-state traffic along with an ever-growing list of specialty license plates. Add to this the increase of All-Electronic-Tolling (AET) along with new bill-by-plate features and the manual image review process continues to grow in importance for all toll operators.

MIRS combines new technology with a highly flexible design to optimize work flow for the many uncertainties that surround the manual image review process.

Unexpected fluctuations in volume, personnel turnover, training requirements, processing accuracy, consistent performance monitoring, and end to end auditability are just some of the major factors that were part of the design for MIRS.

An investment in MIRS provides toll operators with a technology platform designed for “continuous improvement.” With MIRS, tolling agencies can fine-tune their processes to ensure the highest quality and consistency from their manual image review program. An investment in MIRS is an investment in the ongoing improvement of your business.

Modules in the MIRS Application


Plate Review

State Review

Manager Review

ROI Identification

Exempt Vehicle Entry


MIRS Features

  • Provides full visibility of transactions, including oldest pending transactions, total reviews and transactions performed per day, and average review times per transaction, in both report and dashboard graph format
  • Provides full visibility of reviewer activity, including reviews per minute, reviews per hour, daily totals, error rates, and escalation rates
  • Provides reviewers a personalized dashboard to view their performance over time.
  • Includes escalation function to management for final transaction disposition
  • Audits transactions to ensure accuracy and includes the ability to create and assign audits to other users
  • Flags transactions for training purposes
  • Automatically processes transactions based on trusted and exempt vehicle lists and routes for manual processing based on a sensitive list to reduce customer complaint issues
  • Allows feature customization, including license plate special characters, prefix and suffix values, and plate types
  • Loads images in less than a second with a high-performance system design



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Performance & Scalability Manual image review techniques are limited by a fixed staffing model. Slow to Process, Scale, and Grow.

Cost Manual image review can be a significant cost driver for toll roads.

Barrier Mobile and GPS Tolling will require higher reliance on image based tolling and image review.